Maintenance & Upgrades

On account of regular maintenance and ongoing capital investments, our power generation facilities boast high levels of availability and operational reliability. In 2016, we invested a total of EUR 147 million in projects closely aligned with our values and mission.

The central focus was on investments in Brežice HPP, technological modernization and safety upgrades at NEK, replacement of gas turbine units at TEB, research for the JEK 2 project, and other capital expenditures essential for ensuring trouble-free operation.


NEK is committed to making ongoing strategic investments in technological modernization and upgrades. The standard procedure is to make five-year investment plans, and the average annual value of investments in technological modernization is around EUR 35 million. NEK continued in 2016 with intense technological modernization in accordance with its long-term investment plan, which encompasses the deployment of new solutions, technological changes and additional systems that will provide the power plant with added protection in the event of unlikely incidents.

NEK's intense technological modernization, which provides high levels of operational readiness and nuclear safety, is recognized as an example of good practice internationally as well.



SEL consistently carries out regular major maintenance and upgrades on its power plants. SEL's central investment in 2016 was the reconditioning of Goričane SHP. They successfully reconditioned the fourth spillway at Vrhovo HPP and the hoisting mechanism for turbine outlet gates at Mavčiče HPP.



HESS is currently engaged in its biggest, core project: the construction of five hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) on the lower course of the Sava River.



The maintenance of technological systems and all associated components took place at TEB in 2016 in compliance with maintenance instructions that ensure the safety, reliability and availability of the power plant. A building permit was obtained for TEB's most important and most extensive project: the replacement of gas turbine units PB 1–3.



Most of the GEN-I resources were spent on acquiring interests, among them a 100% equity interest in the company Elektro energija; a portion of the resources was marked off for information technology, which is essential to the uninterrupted operation of trading and sales applications, and for other fixed assets essential to the company's business operations.