Maintenance & Upgrades

On account of regular maintenance and ongoing capital investments, our power generation facilities boast high levels of availability and operational reliability. In 2019, we invested a total of EUR 100 million in projects closely aligned with our values and mission.

The central focus was on investments in Brežice HPP, technological modernization and safety upgrades at NEK, replacement of gas turbine units at TEB, research for the JEK 2 project, and other capital expenditures essential for ensuring trouble-free operation.


NEK follows the strategy of continuous investment in technological upgrades and updates. The concept of investment planning for a five-year period has been introduced, with average annual investments in technological upgrades amounting to around EUR 35 million.



SEL ensures the regular investment maintenance of its facilities and development in the field of aquatic energy. In the year 2018, EUR 4.26 million of assets from depreciation and other own resources were earmarked for investments and development.



HESS is currently engaged in its biggest, core project: the construction of five hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) on the lower course of the Sava River.



In the year 2018, EUR 6.98 million was earmarked for the investments and development of TEB. The most important and comprehensive project of TEB is the replacement of gas blocks 1-3. At the end of March, an internal technical inspection and an expert technical inspection were completed, the latter being conducted by the issuer of the building permit, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.



GEN-I earmarked EUR 4.19 million for investments and development. The majority of funds were allocated to information technology, which is necessary for the smooth operation of marketing and sales applications and for other fixed assets that are necessary for the company's operations.