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Krško, 30.03.2022
At today's meeting, the GEN Supervisory Board named Blaž Košorok as Company CEO. Two other members of GEN Management remain Danijel Levičar as Chief Operating Officer and Gordana Radanovič, MSc, as Chief Financial Officer. The new CEO's four-year term is set to begin on April 1, 2022. More...
Krško, 19.07.2021
On 19 July 2021, GEN energija received an Energy Permit from the Ministry of Infrastructure for the JEK2 project. The receipt of that Permit represents an important milestone on the path to the final decision to increase nuclear production capacities in Slovenia. As previous studies of the justification of the project have shown, JEK2 is a crucial and feasible project for the future reliable supply of domestically produced electricity to Slovenia. The project facilitates an effective response to the challenges of the transition to green electricity and the achievement of the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. More...
Krško, 30.06.2015
At today's regular meeting, the GEN energija Supervisory Board was unanimous in naming Martin Novšak as Company Director. Two applications were submitted for the position of Director, and the Supervisory Board today interviewed both candidates. The Supervisory Board found both candidates to be professional and experienced, yet the presentation of the company's future vision given by the current director, Mr Martin Novšak, received a more favourable review. More...
GEN energija Supervisory Board Names Company Director