Holding activities of the company GEN

One of GEN's core operations is activities of holding companies, that is, governing other legally independent companies through equity interests held in them by the company GEN as the controlling company.

As a holding company, GEN carries out management operations on the basis of equity interests in subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities by participating in general meetings, managing subsidiaries' financial results, sanctioning necessary documents, and appointing its representatives into supervisory boards of subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities, all in compliance with relevant Articles of Incorporation and/or Memorandums of Association. Also, GEN management regularly coordinates its actions with the managements of subsidiaries and jointly controlled companies.

Company Profile

Company: GEN energija d.o.o.
Short registered name: GEN d.o.o.

Legal form: limited liability company

Headquarters: Vrbina
Registered office: Vrbina 17, 8270 Krško
Ljubljana Office: Trg republike 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: +386 7 49 10 112
E-mail: info@gen-energija.si
Website: www.gen-energija.si

Year of foundation: 2001

Founder and sole partner: Republic of Slovenia

Commercial Register Number: 10425000
Registered with: District Court of Krško
Company registration number: 1646613
VAT number: SI44454686

Bank accounts:

SI56 2900 0005 5198 483, UNICREDIT BANKA SLOVENIJA d.d.

SI56 0400 1005 0379 267, Nova KBM d.d.

SI56 0292 4009 0457 150, NLB d.d.

SI56 0315 5100 0503 323, SKB d.d.

SI56 3500 1000 2139 538, BKS Bank AG

SI56 3400 0102 1471 571, Sparkasse d.d.


K/64.200 – Activities of holding companies

D/35.140 – Electricity trading, and other registered activities

Share capital:
EUR 250,000,000.00


  • Dejan Paravan, PhD, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


mag. Žiga Debeljak, Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Number of employees: 89